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Bless Your Cup Challenge: E-Book & Video Tutorials

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Ready to boost your wellness journey one juicy cup at a time? Take the Bless Your Cup Challenge and see how the practice of consuming fresh drinks will transform your health! WHAT YOU RECEIVE *Get instant access to recipe tutorial videos for juice, smoothies, plant based milk, teas * Get the 35 page 'Bless Your Cup' recipe e-book pdf download *Connect with a community of people seeking to improve or maintain a healthy lifestyle. You will be equipped and inspired to replace all store bought and canned drinks with your own fresh creations! You will get the recipe and process for these key areas: - Water (fruit water, infusions and agua frescas) - Smoothies (What Liquids to blend with) + recipes - Juice (green drinks, ginger shots and more) - Plant Based Milk (seed, nut and grain milk recipes) - Teas (intro to key herbs) - Blessed Cup Additions (Seamoss and more) JOIN TODAY FOR INSTANT ACCESS

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