Virtual Vegan 101

Want to get all the way right for your vegan journey? Let's answer all your questions about how to be vegan.






There are so many ways to be vegan! Transitional vegan, raw vegan, alkaline vegan and more. What does it all mean? This 4 session course will get your vegan journey tuned up and ready with the fundamentals of interpreting vegan food philosophies, delicious and nourishing meal recipes and guides for cleansing and detoxing.

Here's what you get:

  • 4 live zoom sessions + access to replays

  • Bless Your Cup recipe e-book

  • 3 weeks of recipe videos and pdfs sent directly to your email inbox

Here's what you will learn:

Session 1 Vegan Ways and Bless Your Cup

  • A breakdown of vegan food philosphies, history and typical meals for transitional, alkaline and raw vegans.

  • Food swap chart to know meat free substitutes for butter, cheese, oils, seasonings, meats, pasta, rice, sweets and snacks.

  • Take the BLESS YOUR CUP Challenge and trade in the store bought juice drinks, sodas and milk with fresh drinks made at home! e-book and recipe videos included

Session 2 Intro to Plant Based Meats

  • Vegan Meat products

  • Soy and gluten

  • Mushrooms and cauliflower

  • Nut, seed, fruit, & vegetable meats

  • Learn recipes for substituting vegan meats to create the texture for any of your beef, chicken, & seafood dishes.

Session 3 Sauces, Sweets and Snacks

  • Sauce and Salad Dressing basics

  • Refined sugar alternatives to sweeten without so much harm

  • A review of meaningful snacks

Session 4 Healing Herbs Intro and 7 Days Vegan Mealplanner

  • Benefits of cleansing and detox

  • Introduction to herb basics, preparing teas, and using tinctures.

  • Get your vegan flow together with a daily plan for a more balanced life of good meals, energizing exercise, calming meditation and the freshest

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